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About Us

We are a technology-based company, we provide infrastructure solutions and technological security according to each business.
Our goal is to help our clients reduce their operating costs, increase their productivity and enhance their competitiveness regardless of their size, segment or sector.
We believe that quality and a certified team are the basic elements to deliver the results expected by our clients and, therefore, we continually invest in innovation within our own team, specialized in Cybersecurity, Development (SecDevOps) and new disruptive technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain. 

Latest News

BFFood Project -TotaLGAC food

Business Factory Food (BFFood), the vertical accelerator of the Galician food sector promoted by the Xunta de Galicia and promoted by the Galician Food Cluster (Clusaga) and leading companies in the Galician food industry, has selected our TotalGAC food product in its III and IV Edition of its acceleration and consolidation program as
Innovative project that promotes and supports.
The TotalGAC food project has been mentored by Galacteum, a driving company of the Galician Food Cluster with which the design, development and execution tests of a pilot project for the implementation of the TotalGAC food solution for Automated Cybersecurity Management have been carried out. in IT and OT networks.