TotalGAC the Cybersecurity platform specially designed for SMEs

Our product combines in a single system the tools to monitor what happens in the networks of organizations, being able to detect possible intrusions in real time, generate alerts, notify them so that we can act and block any type of threat.

Detection of threats, lures, alerts and notifications.

Fast and easy

It has a simple installation that does not intervene in the other devices on the network. With TotalGAC you will have quick and easy access to your network traffic.

Productivity and management

Save time and money in the security management of your company. Configure and customize signatures, graphics and dashboards as you like.

Control and visibility

The perfect cybersecurity operations center to improve planning and make informed decisions.


Simple interface

TotalGAC has a simple and easy-to-use Control Panel, from which we can manage all our devices and alerts.

Configurable user profiles

Create different user profiles for panel use. Establishing permission levels for the creation and management of devices and alerts.

Alert manager

It allows you to generate personalized alerts based on your needs, in addition to being able to make filters for a better understanding.

Integrable and compatible

All functions can be performed via API and the information is consumable and exportable in industry standard formats; pdf, csv, json, etc

Automated honeypots

It deploys internal honeypots on the network, which act as decoys, becoming the first target of attacks and guaranteeing early detection.

Graphs and Dashboards

From the control panel visualize the alerts, notifications and devices visually through graphs and dashboards, with information for decision making.

TotalGAC information for making decisions about the security of your company

Notification of intrusions and attempted data theft

Through network decoys, it deploys a variety of services (intranet, print service, shared folder, scada) to detect intrusion attempts or activity by a disloyal employee looking for information to take away or simply remove it from the organization without authorization.

Detection of new devices

When an element is introduced into the network, it may be infected with malware, connection attempts or access openings may be made. Thanks to the equipment discovery from TotalGAC we can block these new devices until we verify their status and origin.

Real-time intrusion detection

In case of an external attacker, the system can detect if it leaves access to our network open, by using TotalGAC’s artificial intelligence (AI), it is possible to filter all unknown or unusual connections in real time.

Phishing and ransomware protection

This type of attack consists of data encryption, which is why they are the most dangerous and increasingly common. Thanks to the combination of algorithms and the use of decoys or honeypots, it is possible to detect this type of attack early and mitigate data loss.

TotalGAC has been designed for companies in any sector and any size of company. It provides security in any environment both in corporate computer networks (IT) and industrial networks (OT).

Our clients and partners:

Companies that offer technical support services and computer solutions with which we work together with the IT department, implement TotalGAC and perform professional 360º cybersecurity services directly to clients.

Service companies that want to complement their portfolio and gain customer loyalty with innovative services related to information security and cybersecurity. Autonomously or with the support of specialized personnel. Find out about our Partner Program.

Small industrial companies that do not have an IT department, in which we take care of the complete management of cybersecurity, acting against possible attacks and vulnerabilities in both their corporate IT and productive OT networks.

Companies that offer consulting and/or training services to their clients and handle a large amount of data and that need to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data at all times.

Medium and large companies with a significant dependence on new technologies, normally with their own IT department, but without a Cybersecurity team, where our services accompany their technicians to give them support and maintain business continuity.

TotalGAC is an Automated Cybersecurity Management product that provides managed security services and real-time identification of cybersecurity threats through sensors within the network to detect, block and predict cyberattacks, without forgetting to support our clients with a specialized team. in incident response and digital forensics.
With TotalGAC we offer the following services:
● Managed Security.
● Real-time threat monitoring.
● Prevention of security incidents.
● Incident response and digital forensics.

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