MEATwin project

In collaboration with the Galician Food Cluster (CLUSAGA)

MEATwin (Development of a Digital Twin based on AI for production planning in the meat sector)

RIA 21 Technological solutions joins the Technology Centers ANFACO-CECOPESCA y Meat Technology Center Foundation CETECA, to technology companies Norlean, Triple Alpha, Kaizen Institute and the food company Jamones González

in this strategic project promoted by the IEA Food Cluster of Galicia to promote competitiveness and the transition towards digital leadership in the meat sector.

This initiative is based on industrial research into various Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, process and data modeling and analytics, as well as hyperspectral vision, for subsequent integration into a digital twin. The aim is for this twin to function as a production planning tool in companies in the meat sector. In this sense, RIA 21 will contribute its experience in Cybersecurity and secure development to address everything related to the cybersecurity layer of the project and support its development, providing protection to the project’s data, communications and systems.

The main objective of the project is to integrate all these technologies for the first time into a single tool that represents a solution for its integrated use. MEATwin‘s great commitment lies in achieving the effective implementation of this tool in the sector once developed. Thus, by using a digital twin based on AI, a cross-sector tool will be obtained that will facilitate SMEs’ access to quickly implemented digital technologies and guide them towards maximum efficiency in their processes.

In this way, MEATwin addresses the meat sector’s need to improve planning and production through data collection, sensorization and visualization of key correlated indicators in a single tool, at an affordable cost for SMEs. As a result, it will boost the sector by allowing companies to make more informed and agile decisions in their processes.

Consortium members:

MEATwin receives funding from the 2023 call of the support program for Innovative Business Groups (AEI) of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and is coordinated by the Galician Food Cluster (Clusaga).